Insurance & Payments

Currently, we are in network with TriCare, Molina, and most all commercial insurances.  Please note that we are in network with only these primary insurers and only bill them directly.  If your insurance company “carves out” mental health benefits to a completely separate company to one of the above (as often indicated by separate telephone numbers or directions for mental health claims submissions on the back of your insurance card) we are most likely “out of network.”  It is your responsibility to verify with your insurance company that we are an in network provider. 

Payment is due at time of service. For most other insurers we submit reimbursement claims for you. Insurance companies process these claims and reimburse you directly according to your benefits. Please contact your insurance company to determine your individual plan’s out-of-network benefits.

If your insurance company is unable to provide you with timely access or adequate choices of providers as required by WAC 284-43-9970, we can provide you and your insurer with a standard single-case agreement. Contact your insurer for assistance with this.

Please see current practice policies for fee details.

Click below to make an online payment (Paypal). Please note choosing this option generates payment and receipt e-mails, which are not encrypted, and therefore not secure via HIPAA standards and could be intercepted. The details of which are limited to payor, patient name and amount paid. If you do not feel comfortable with this method, please continues to pay by mail. By clicking below, you expressly agree your consent and have noted the privacy risks.